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We are always working on new features and updates for our software. We also listen to our growing community of plane spotters who also have great ideas for us to add to the software. You can see a summary of the current features our software includes below. If you have any great ideas you would like us to consider adding please feel free to contact us.

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Web Based

Access your plane spotter logs from our cloud based application which is available 24/7 and can be easily accessed from all devices.


Free 14 Day Trial

Signup today and you will receive a Free 14 day trial so you can fully test our software where you can create some trips and log some sightings.


Smart Population

Simply enter the aircraft registration and our software will autofill the airline, aircraft type and MSN from over 1 million aircraft records.


Fleet Lists

Our fleet data is regulary kept up to date and our comprehensive fleet lists have over 1 million searchable aircraft records and counting.


Plane Spotters Forums

We have a growing community of plane spotters and we encourage all plane spotters to join the forums and get involved.


Plane Spotter Reports

With a wide range of reports available for all your logs, you can quickly and easily print or save your logs into a PDF for offline storage.


Import/Export to CSV

Have you been using another platform to keep your plane spotters logs? You can export and import your data to our software.


Free Updates

We are always updating our software to provide new features and regularly receive new ideas from our plane spotters community members.


Search your data

Using our search facility, plane spotters can browse by aircraft, airport location, MSN, airline or use our powerful wildcard search.


Unlimited Logs

Once you subscribe to our software, their are no limits to the amount of trips, logs and photos you can upload.


Easy to use

We have made every aspect of our software easy to use so you can spend more time spotting and less time in front of the screen.


Photo Library

With unlimited photo storage for your logs you can visually capture and save all those sightings or browse other members photos.


Backed up & Secure

All of your data is backed up regularly and is securely stored meaning you never have to worry about losing your sightings data.



Each time you create a trip, sighting or photo your overall statistics will be updated overnight giving you various totals.

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